Olsman MacKenzie Peacock & Wallace Announces New Leadership Structure

Donna MacKenzie named President; Emily Peacock, Vice President

 Jules B. Olsman announces that he is stepping down from his 28-year tenure as President of our law firm and becomes a shareholder. His visionary leadership as President of the firm since 1996 has been instrumental in helping to shape and enhance its success. Jules’ exceptional career as a personal injury trial lawyer for over 45 years is defined by his unparalleled passion for justice, advocacy and his defense of the civil justice system. His career is defined by his deep commitment to protecting the rights of vulnerable persons and victims of malpractice and other wrongful behavior. Widely regarded as a determined advocate and legal luminary, Jules leaves an enduring mark on the legal profession and our law firm. He continues to represent our clients and seek justice on their behalf for injuries and changes in their lives resulting from negligence and wrongful conduct.

Donna M. MacKenzie ascends to President in her 20th year as a trial lawyer with the firm, a testament to her exceptional leadership and commitment to the pursuit of justice. Donna is dedicated to ensuring excellence in the firm’s representation of clients in personal injury cases. Her strategic vision and forward-thinking approach steer the firm toward new heights of success. A testament to her legal prowess, she carries forward the legacy of Jules Olsman by maintaining a steadfast commitment to addressing issues of abuse and neglect in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and group homes. She also handles large-scale litigation, representing multiple victims of medical fraud where unnecessary treatments or procedures by doctors and hospitals cause significant harm to patients. Donna’s dedication to her clients is unmistakable, marked by genuine empathy and a deep concern for their well-being. In every aspect of her distinguished career, Donna MacKenzie emerges as a highly respected leader and advocate for justice.

Emily M. Peacock elevates to a managing partner of the firm. Emily joined the firm in 2015 and became a partner in a few short years due to her hard work, dedication to her clients, and advocacy skills. With her unique perspective and leadership skills, Emily is a dynamic force in leading the firm into the future with continued success and growth. After 20 years of practice, Emily’s career is characterized by an unwavering commitment to justice in and out of the courtroom. Emily is recognized on both state and national levels for her leadership and mentorship. In addition to ensuring accountability for victims of abuse and neglect in long term-care facilities, Emily represents victims of medical malpractice who have suffered catastrophic injuries or death, with a focus on spinal cord injuries and birth trauma. Emily’s valuable leadership and devotion to pursuing justice positions her as an indispensable asset to the continued success of the firm and its commitment to protecting the rights of vulnerable adults.

About Olsman MacKenzie Peacock & Wallace

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