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Commercial truck drivers and commercial trucking companies are subject to a wide variety laws, rules, and regulations that do not apply to non-commercial drivers.  These laws, rules, and regulations apply to commercial truckers driving in Michigan and nationwide.

At the Federal level, “Hours of Service” regulations govern how many hours commercial truck drivers can drive over certain time periods.  These regulations are designed to ensure that commercial truck drivers get plenty of rest so that the number of accidents will be reduced.  As Michigan truck accident lawyers, we understand the rules and regulations to which commercial truck drivers are subject, and we work hard in truck accident injury cases to determine whether such rules and regulations have been followed.

Hours of Service Regulations and Trucking Logs

As part of the Hours of Service regulations, commercial truck drivers must keep (or must have electronics that keep) detailed records of their driving activity.  Because the hours of service regulations limit the amount of driving that commercial truck drivers may undertake, these regulations limit the amount of pay that truck drivers can earn.  There will be a natural tendency, therefore, for some truck drivers to exceed the regulations so that they can earn more money.  Some truck companies may also turn a blind eye to violations of these regulations.

When an accident occurs involving commercial trucking activities, one of the first areas we want to investigate are the driving logs of the truck drivers.  We want to know where they have been in the days immediately preceding the accident, and how many hours they have driven to determine whether they violated any Hours of Service regulations.  We also want to examine other aspects involving truck and driver safety, such as maintenance logs and the safety compliance materials that may have been issued by the trucking company, and to determine driver and company compliance.

Potential Commercial Trucking Company Liability

When trucking companies fail to adequately monitor the behavior of the drivers who work for them, and when they fail to provide proper instruction on safety, they may also be liable for the accidents and injuries caused.  They may also bear liability if they are negligent in other areas, such as hiring or retaining a driver who does not have a valid license or who has past serious driving infractions.

As Your Attorneys, Our Job is to Get You the Compensation You Deserve.

Because of the special rules and regulations that apply to commercial trucking, it is important to conduct a careful investigation to determine whether any violations of these rules and regulations may have occurred.

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