Sexual Assault

Larry Nassar Lawsuit Settlement Involving Sexual Abuse of Gymnasts and Athletes – We Help Women Fight Back!

Over 300 Strong and Courageous Women Told Their Story in Court against Larry Nassar and Michigan State University. Let Us Help You Tell Yours!

Michigan State University (MSU) has agreed to a $500 million settlement for athletes who were sexually abused by Larry Nassar while he was employed by MSU. This settlement includes millions of dollars for athletes who were abused but have not yet spoken up.

If you were sexually abused by Dr. Larry Nassar, you may be able to receive financial compensation. This settlement is already established and so the path has been paved for you to come forward to receive your justice.

Sexual abuse is a crime of violence that is often perpetrated upon the victim by someone they know. Only 17 percent of female victims and 23 percent of male victims were raped by a stranger. In many cases, such as that with Larry Nassar and the priest abuse in the Catholic church, victims were told to keep quiet and made to suffer the abuse.  They were made to feel helpless, and told that they would not be believed, or that nothing “wrong” was happening.

Many sexual predators rely on silencing their victims so they can continue their victimization.  If you were abused, we understand the courage that it takes to come forward and demand justice – and we’re ready to help.

Let Us Help You Take Back Your Power!

Women across the nation are finally taking back their power in the #MeToo movement. Contact us to learn how you may be able to participate in the Michigan State Settlement. We understand the sensitivity of sexual assault and have a team of women lawyers working on these cases.

How the MSU Compensation Process Works – You Do Not Need to Go Through a Trial

If you were sexually assaulted by Dr. Nassar while he was employed by MSU, a process has been established for compensating victims.  We can work with you to pursue your claim, and make your case for compensation based upon your damages and the injuries that you suffered.

A mediator will be evaluating the claims made by abuse victims, and then will suggest a compensation amount to be provided to each victim.  We are ready to help make the cases of our clients so that justice can finally be done.

We Can Represent You Against Others Who May Be Legally Liable for Your Abuse

The Nassar abuse settlement fund from MSU is designed as a payout for MSU’s liability in connection with the sexual abuse committed by Nassar while working for MSU.  It does not cover the liability of other third parties who may also be liable to Nassar’s conduct.

Other parties who potentially may liable for Nassar’s sexual assaults may include entities such as USA Gymnastics, the US Olympic Committee, or other individuals or entities.  When we meet with you and learn about your story, we can determine whether there are other individuals or entities who may be liable.  We can then separately seek compensation from those people or entities, if you wish.

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