Preserving Evidence in Michigan Car and Truck Accident Cases

When an accident occurs, it’s important that all evidence be secured and preserved as soon as possible.

In many cases, evidence such as the “black boxes” contained in motor vehicles will provide important information concerning an accident.

In a car or truck collision, our client’s car or truck and the car or truck of the other driver may be severely damaged or totaled.  Often, the insurance company for the other driver will take physical possession of the car or truck of their insured.  If it is clear that the car or truck is totaled, the insurance company may seek to have the car or truck scrapped at a junk yard.  We may seek to stop this from happening.

Obtaining Black Box Information

In these instances, we may seek to obtain a court order that will require the cars and trucks involved in an accident to be preserved in a secured lot, and to have access to the vehicles restricted.  We may also seek to obtain access to any black boxes that may be in the cars or trucks, as these black boxes can provide important information regarding vehicle speed and safety information (such as whether seatbelts were being used at the time the crash occurred).

The information contained on black boxes may be critical in proving the case of our clients, such as proving that the other driver was speeding.  Because the black box information is stored in an encrypted format, it is necessary for our firm to hire an expert that can translate the encrypted code into meaningful information.

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