No Fees Unless We Are Successful

Our Fees & Costs

When you retain a law firm, you should feel comfortable asking any questions that you have about fees and costs.  At our firm, we first describe our fees and costs in a retainer agreement.

Unless otherwise described in this retainer agreement, when we represent clients we typically do so on a contingency fee basis.  This means that clients do not owe us any fees unless and until we recover for them.  Our fees are deducted from the settlement or jury award that is obtained, and is typically based upon a percentage of the settlement or jury award.

In almost all litigation, costs are incurred.  In some cases, these costs can be significant.  Costs that are commonly occurred include fees for expert witnesses and consultants, court reporters for depositions, trial exhibits, medical record procurement, copying costs, and obtaining and/or preserving evidence.  These are only some examples of costs; the costs that may be incurred in your case may include other costs not mentioned above.

Unless otherwise set forth in a retainer agreement, typically our firm will advance these costs on behalf of our clients.  In this case, our costs are deducted from the settlement or jury award obtained.