Insurance Company Denial Tactics

Insurance Companies Often Seek to Deny Liability for the Actions of their Clients.  We Seek to Show Them Why They Are Liable and Must Pay

In many cases, fault for an accident is clear to a lay person.  If a car runs a red light and strikes another car, it is clear to most of us that the driver of the car that ran the red light is at fault.  Under the law, this is usually the outcome.

When a driver who runs a red light is sued, the driver’s insurance company will often take the position that their driver did not run a red light.  They may even suggest that the driver who was hit ran a red light.

Frequently insurance companies adopt the following strategies:

1.     Deny, Deny, Deny. 

As noted above, until significant proof is offered, insurance companies take the position that their client has done nothing wrong.  We seek to demonstrate proof of wrongdoing early in the litigation process.

2.     Blame Someone Else.  

Perhaps the victim is at fault.  Maybe the municipality responsible for roadway safety failed in some manner.  Other drivers may have played a role in the accident.

Insurance companies frequently seek to minimize the liability of their client by blaming others.  We fight back by seeking to disprove these theories, and/or by demonstrating proof that their client had a clear role in causing an injury, and that client should pay for the damages and injuries that resulted from their conduct.

3.     Delay

Insurance companies will often seek to delay a trial as long as possible in an attempt to put pressure on the injured victim to accept an unreasonably low settlement, particularly if the injured victim is out of work or otherwise needs money because of the injury.

When insurance companies try these delay tactics, we fight back.

When We Represent Clients in Personal Injury Lawsuits, We Seek to Establish Fault and Liability as Soon as Possible

This is the best way to encourage insurance companies to enter into a fair settlement early in the process, particularly when substantial injuries and damages are involved.   By showing overwhelming proof of liability and damages, when possible, we seek to recover fair compensation for our clients early in the process.  When this is not possible, we are well-prepared to prove the cases of our clients before a jury.

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