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Client Victories

$2.5 Million settlement where hospital delayed resuscitation of a premature infant despite the fact that the parents were pleading for assistance for the baby who was breathing and moving, resulting in severe anoxia

$1.1 Million settlement for the wrongful death of an 83 year old resident of an adult foster care facility as a result of the improper use of a Posey Vest / restraint, resulting in asphyxiation and strangulation

$4.4 Million jury verdict for a 59-year-old woman who suffered a stroke as a result of a medication error by her family physician

$4.35 Million settlement for a woman who had permanent brain damage after being struck by a drunk driver who was rendered intoxicated while dining at a restaurant

$3.15 Million settlement for two men who served over eight years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of shooting another man in March, 2000, leaving the victim a quadriplegic

$3.75 Million settlement for a 37 year old woman who was rendered quadriplegic after her seat belt was torn during a collision by a defectively designed sharp edge on the seat back recliner mechanism that was known by the automobile manufacturer to pose a problem before the vehicle was manufactured

$850,000 settlement for a 64-year-old man who died as a result of a medication error when the patient was discharged from a rehabilitation center without anticoagulants that were specifically ordered by his physician’s assistant, causing him to suffer a blood clot and die

$275,000 settlement for infant who suffered minor shoulder dystocia during delivery performed by a resident

$200,000 settlement for motorcyclist who suffered fractures to his leg when struck by a car, requiring surgical repair

$500,000 settlement for 86 year-old-woman woman who choked to death on a bed rail assistive device in an assisted living facility.

$400,000 settlement for a woman who suffered torn meniscus and ACL tear in car crash, causing her to be unable to return to her previous employment as a school bus driver

$1.25 Million settlement for the permanent paralysis of the right arm of a 19 year old woman due to being struck by a passenger airbag

$1.1 Million settlement for the wrongful death of an 83 year old resident of an adult foster care facility as a result of the improper use of a Posey Vest / restraint, resulting in asphyziation and strangulation

$915,000 settlement after a handicap gas pedal was negligently installed too close to the brake, which prevented a woman from stopping the vehicle from plunging into Lake St/ Clair where she drowned

$525,000 settlement for the failure to properly manage psychiatric condition of patient resulting in suicide

$375,000 settlment for the family of a nursing home resident who was improperly given her roommate’s diabetes medication, causing a hypoglycemic coma and death

$325,000 settlement for the family of a resident of skilled care facility who choked to death when provided with solid food despite an order for mechanical soft diet

$182,500 settlement for 53 year-old-woman who suffered a severe ankle fracture after falling in the parking lot of a commercial building because the snow plow contractor failed to salt the parking lot after an early season snowfall

$862,500 settlement for a subdural hematoma sustained by a 76-year-old assisted living resident who fell, and struck her head, resulting in a subdural hematoma and the loss of her ability to work

$862,500 settlement after a nursing home failed to protect a 66-year-old woman from asphyxiating in the side rails of her bed

$740,000 settlement for the wrongful death of a 4 1/2-month-old infant in a day care facility that was caused by a lack of supervision

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