Birth injury resource center

How do I know if my child has a birth injury?

Birth Injury Resource Center

Providing Resources for Families Living With Birth Defects

Created by attorneys specializing in birth injury cases, at the Birth Injury Resource Center, we seek to provide help and guidance to families and children that experienced an injury during labor and delivery. Injuries at birth create life-long consequence and often create a need for life-long care. We are here to provide resources that help ease the burden for families caring for children with special needs and disabilities.

Families often contact us one their journey to determine whether or not their child suffered an injury at birth. We are here to answer their questions, offer resources in the community, and seek justice for those injured at birth by medical mistakes. We hope that through raising awareness about birth injuries, their consequences, and remedies to prevent injury that we can make the world a safer place for families and their newborn babies.

Children with special needs and disabilities will become adults with special needs and disabilities. While it is difficult to think about future challenges, it is important for families to have a long-term plan in place to ensure that a child will receive appropriate care and support for the rest of their lives. We recommend solutions for families that will require long-term care and support for their loved ones injured during birth.

Does My Child Have a Birth Injury?

We want to answer your questions. Please write us with the details of your child’s birth. If your child suffered a birth injury from a medical mistake, then you may have a potential legal case that our attorneys can help with. If we agree to pursue your case we do it on a no fee unless we win basis. The goal of any case is to ensure that any future care and support your child needs is provided.