Police Misconduct

We Help the Victims of Police Brutality

Most police officers and prison officials respect the rights of citizens and uphold their duty to protect our safety.  Unfortunately, there are times when police officers act beyond their authority.

Police brutality often takes the form of excessive use of force, improper arrests, or improper denial of medical treatment.  The use of excessive force can result in gunshot injuries, broken bones, lacerations and other physical injury.

Improper arrests can lead to public humiliation, emotional suffering, wrongful incarceration, the loss of a job, and many other forms of harm.

No One Should Have to Suffer From Police Brutality

We depend upon the police to protect and serve, not to threaten and intimidate.

When police misconduct occurs, our society as a whole is harmed.

Police brutality and misconduct are often targeted against those in our society who are the least able to defend themselves.  In some instances, brutality and misconduct may be directed against those believed to be “criminals.”  When this happens, the police act in the capacity of being “judge and jury;” depriving citizens of their basic constitutional and civil rights.

When Police Brutality and Misconduct Occur, We Fight Back on Behalf of the Victims.

We represent those injured in Detroit and the surrounding areas, and throughout the State of Michigan.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of police brutality or police misconduct, please contact our firm.  We can meet with you to learn about your case and can advise you of how we will seek compensation on your behalf against those who have violated your rights and caused injury.