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Deb Fisher earned her Associate Degree in Nursing at Schoolcraft College. She has practiced as a Registered Nurse for over 20 years in Medical-Surgical Medicine, Sub Acute Care, Long-Term Care and Hospice Home Health Care.

An important aspect of a nursing home negligence case is to determine the medical condition of the resident at the time the injury was suffered in order to determine whether the nursing home took appropriate action to safeguard the health of the resident.  To assist our attorneys in this task, as a registered nurse, Ms. Fisher reviews the complete medical records of the resident who was injured.  Once she understands the medical conditions of the resident, she can then advise the attorneys of the level of care that should be have been provided based upon the specific medical needs of the resident.

In some instances, Ms. Fisher conducts and performs additional research to learn more about the needs of residents who may have been suffering from specific medical conditions in order to gather information about the level of care that should be provided for those medical conditions.  By understanding the standards of care specified in the medical community, we are better able to show that a case of nursing home negligence has occurred.

Ms. Fisher has years of experience working in nursing homes and understands that a move into a nursing home is seldom easy for either the loved one or their family, as their loved one’s care is literally placed “in the hands” of the facility and staff.  It then becomes the facility’s  responsibility to ensure that a safe environment and appropriate care will be provided. Although Ms. Fisher has observed many residents have positive outcomes, she has also witnessed the system  fail.

How I Serve Clients

On a more personal note, my family recently placed my mother in a local nursing home for short term rehabilitation, following an extensive hospitalization. Despite our knowledge and experience in health care, constant presence during visiting hours (“watching over her”) and attempting to anticipate problems, we frequently felt frustrated, concerned, stressed and basically, at times, like we had little control over her health care, treatment and outcome.  It was disheartening to observe the lack of care provided, at times, to residents who did not have family members available to intercede for them.

It is because of my experience, understanding and empathy that I am determined to advocate for our clients and their loved ones.  I gain great gratification as I see an injured patient and/or their family empowered to correct the abuse or neglect that they have suffered.   It is equally rewarding to know that my work makes a difference in improving patient care.

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