Professional Negligence Lawyers in Michigan

Representing Clients Who Have Been Harmed by Professionals Failing to Meet the Standards of their Profession

Professional malpractice occurs when a professional fails to meet the generally accepted standards pertaining to their profession, and such failure results in harm or damages to their client.

The term “professionals” includes not only doctors, but lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, architects, insurance brokers, engineers, and other professionals.

Proving a Case of Professional Malpractice

The first aspect of proving a case for professional malpractice involves an examination of the services provided.  In order to show that such services did not meet the acceptable standards of the industry, one or more experts will need to examine the services provided, and provide an opinion as to how such services failed to meet these standards.

It is important to understand the standards involved in a professional malpractice case.  The applicable question is not whether “better” services could have been provided, but rather whether the services that were provided fell below the acceptable level.

Similarly, a case of professional malpractice is not necessarily dependent upon an undesired result.  As an example, an investment proposed by a financial advisor may not result in the returns hoped for by an investor.  If the financial advisor clearly advised of the risks of the investment which later materialized, the financial advisor likely is not liable for professional malpractice.  On the other hand, if the financial advisor did not advise of risks, then a case for professional malpractice may exist.  An expert in the industry will be required to provide an opinion concerning the particular circumstances of the case.

We Are Available to Represent Clients in Cases of Professional Malpractice

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of professional malpractice, please call us so that we may learn about your case, and so that you may learn about how we may be able to seek compensation from those responsible.  We offer a free consultation, and if we are retained, you will not owe us any fees unless and until we recover compensation for you.

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