Michigan Property Liability

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Under Michigan law, property owners generally have a duty to keep their property safe.  When they fail to do so and injury results, those who are injured may be able to make a claim against the premises owner and seek compensation for their injuries.

Every year in the United States many people are injured, and some even killed, as the result of unsafe premises.  Frequently, injuries occur at commercial establishments in which patrons are injured.  A leading source of injuries is from wet floors or other floor conditions, which can result in slip and fall injuries.  Injuries can also result when customers are hit by falling items in a warehouse store where products are often stacked high.

Parking lots are also a frequent source of injury.  When parking lots are covered with ice, falls can be common.  At nighttime, in addition to being a source of falls, parking lots can also be a place of assaults and other criminal behavior.

Michigan Homeowner Liability

In private residences, animal and dog bites are a frequent cause of injury.  Animal and dog bites not only can result in significant physical injury and scarring, but can also result in long-term psychological injury.

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