Brain Injuries & Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Injury Lawyer for Birth Brain Injury in Michigan

Cerebral palsy (“CP”) is a type of brain damage that affects motor function significantly.  The condition is often caused when a fetus or baby is deprived of oxygen.  This type of brain injury can be caused by medical negligence, and can be prevented with timely and proper care.

Is My Child’s Cerebral Palsy Due to Medical Negligence?

As a parent of a child with CP, you are likely wondering what caused the CP – was it the fault of a physician or medical provider?

You deserve answers.  Unfortunately, the doctors, medical providers, and hospitals involved in the birth are unlikely to admit that your child’s CP was caused by medical malpractice.  We can help in seeking the answers to which you are entitled.  Where a physician or medical provider was at fault, we’ll work tenaciously in seeking to obtain the full compensation to which you, your family, and your child are entitled.

How We Help

To determine whether a medical malpractice case exists, we retain medical experts (including doctors and our staff nurses) to review the facts of your case and determine whether you or your child received inappropriate care.

If your child suffers from cerebral palsy due to medical malpractice, those responsible are liable to pay compensation for future care, and to pay compensation for physical, financial, and emotional losses.  The law requires compensation for such losses when caused by medical negligence.

At Olsman MacKenzie Peacock & Wallace, we assist families in seeking compensation to cover future medical care and lifelong needs for children injured due to birth injury and medical malpractice.  We invite you to call our office to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Once we have a medical perspective on whether medical malpractice likely occurred, we can explain your legal options, and in representing your family, we will work tenaciously in obtaining just and full compensation.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy signs and symptoms vary based on the severity and location of a brain injury.  Some children experience spastic and shaking limbs, trouble controlling motor function and movement, and speech and hearing difficulties.  Additionally, difficulty in eating, speaking, swallowing, and excessive drooling are also common signs of CP.  Symptoms can affect the entire body, one side of the body, or a single limb.

When diagnosing CP, medical providers will look for delays in reaching developmental milestones, such as rolling over, reaching for objects, sitting, standing, talking, and walking.  Any significant delays can be a warning signs of cerebral palsy.

If your child is missing developmental milestones or you notice other possible signs or symptoms of cerebral palsy, call us to schedule a free consultation.  Our experienced birth injury lawyers can refer you to specialists who can assess whether your child is suffering from CP.  If a CP diagnosis is confirmed, we can provide guidance on potential next steps and help you navigate the process in seeking to secure the medical care needed to adequately address your child’s needs.

How Much Does Caring for a Child with Cerebral Palsy Cost?

Cerebral palsy is a long-term, chronic condition requiring significant lifelong assistance and supportive care.  Those with CP often have other associative and co-mitigating medical conditions, including vision loss, hearing impairments, seizures, and other cognitive challenges.  Cumulatively, CP and these conditions require diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance – all of which can come at a staggering cost, which will vary based on the individual.

Families caring for an individual with cerebral palsy will likely incur significant expenses, including:

  • Long-term medical care
  • Special education
  • Developmental assistance
  • Assisted living
  • Home care and nursing care
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Home renovations and modifications

Additionally, other factors, such as lost wages and productivity, as well as vocational limitations, also add to the overall expense for an individual with CP.

How Can I Cover the Cost of Cerebral Palsy Care and Treatment?

About 1 in every 345 children suffers from cerebral palsy.  The overwhelming cost of treatment can be financially devastating for the families caring for these children, leaving them feeling discouraged.

Some children suffering from CP are independent; whereas others will require significant care to accomplish every aspect of daily life.  Thus, the needs and costs are different for every child.  At Olsman MacKenzie Peacock & Wallace, we can help evaluate your child’s long-term care costs and provide advice regarding potential resources that may meet their individual needs.  Further, if another party is responsible for the condition because of medical negligence, then we can help your family file a lawsuit to seek compensation.

What Types of Cases Do You Handle?

At Olsman MacKenzie Peacock & Wallace, we handle all types of birth injury cases, including those involving:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Brain Damage
  • Asphyxia/Oxygen Deprivation
  • Erb’s Palsy (also called Brachial Plexus Palsy)
  • Brain Swelling and Hemorrhaging
  • Skull Fractures
  • Head Trauma from Vacuum or Forcep Deliveries
  • Bone Damage
  • Nerve Damage
  • Umbilical Cord Compression or Strangulation
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Intraventricular Hemorrhage
  • Cephalohematoma
  • After-birth/Neonatal Injuries
  • NICU Injuries
  • Failure to perform emergency C-section delivery
  • Failure to treat infection during pregnancy
  • Failure to diagnose and treat diabetes during pregnancy

Our birth injury lawyers work with families to examine the circumstances and procedures of a birth to establish the responsibility for preventable birth injuries.  We also pursue answers from medical practitioners and institutions and fight to hold all responsible parties accountable.

How Can Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury Attorneys Help?

As experienced birth injury lawyers, a substantial portion of our practice is devoted to helping the parents of children injured due to medical malpractice seek the compensation to which they are entitled.  When it appears that medical malpractice occurred, we will not hesitate to seek full and fair compensation from the doctors, other medical providers, and hospitals that we believe are liable.

We only are entitled to a fee if compensation is recovered.  Additionally, we advance all costs of litigation (these costs are often reimbursed through a settlement or jury verdict).

We urge you to call us today for a free consultation, and to learn about your options.

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