More assaults occur at Massage Envy in Michigan

Massage Envy has a nationwide problem with sexual assault, including at its branches in Michigan. In fact, hundreds of women across the country have reported assaults at various Massage Envy branches, resulting in a number of lawsuits against the chain.

In 2017, an investigation by BuzzFeed revealed that more than 180 women had filed sexual assault lawsuits, police reports and state board complaints against individual Massage Envy spas, their employees and the national company.  Since then, lawsuits have been filed in New Jersey, Florida, California and Illinois.

Many of those women said their claims were mishandled, ignored or covered up.  This is likely because Massage Envy does not require its franchisees to report sexual assault of customers to law enforcement or state licensing boards, which allows these assaults on women to continue.

Unfortunately, many sexual assault victims fear coming forward because they feel like the did something wrong or they are embarrassed.  However, a massage parlor is meant for relaxation and enjoyment, not unwelcome or inappropriate touching.  It is never your fault when a massage therapist assaults you.

When a massage therapist violates your trust, they need to be held accountable.  You should notify the local law enforcement, as well as the state licensing board, about what happened.  By taking action, these predators will not be able to continue to assault other women.

Massage parlors also need to be held accountable when they turn a blind eye to reports of sexual assault on women.  These companies should not be allowed to continue to profit from women who continue to be sexually assaulted.

“Brave women have already come forward about incidents at Massage Envy in Michigan,” said sexual assault attorney Donna M. MacKenzie.  She continued, “We hope their courage will inspire other women to come forward too so that we can stop these predators and put an end to Massage Envy’s failure to protect women.”

If you have been assaulted at a Massage Envy or have any information about assaults at Massage Envy, contact us to learn about your legal options.  We will keep your identity and all information you provide to us confidential.

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