Man Suffers Injuries Caused by Noise and Vibrations During an MRI

man injured in MRI procedureA West Bloomfield, Michigan, man sustained debilitating, life-altering injuries after undergoing a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedure, without protection for his ears against the loud and intense noise and vibrations caused by the machine.  The University of Michigan Health System radiology technician responsible for prepping Mr. H for his MRI failed to provide appropriate ear protection.  Mr. H was also not warned of the dangers associated with prolonged exposure to the noise and vibrations produced by the machine.

For over two hours, Mr. H was exposed, without protection, to harmful levels of noise and vibration that caused a variety of painful and long-lasting medical problems including; concussion, ongoing pain, continuous ringing in the ears, sensitivity to sound, severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, short-term memory loss, and depression.  Each day, Mr. H must takes steps to avoid loud sounds and noises that may trigger pain.

Had the radiology technician followed standard procedures and provided Mr. H with earplugs or earphones, Mr. H’s exposure would have been minimized and he would not have been made to suffer the injuries he continues to struggle with on a daily basis.

Jules Olsman and Donna MacKenzie have filed suit on Mr. H’s behalf against the University of Michigan Board of Regents and the radiology technician.