Malviya Injury Lawyer for Radical Hysterectomy & Chemo Attorney

Our firm is representing women who were the victims of radical hysterectomies and other unnecessary medical procedures performed by Dr. Vinyay Malviya., including the administration of unnecessary or too much chemotherapy.

If you were a patient of Dr. Malviya and believe that you may have been the victim of an unnecessary radial hysterectomy or other procedure, we invite you visit Malviya Lawsuit Lawyer.  There, you can learn about our representation and contact our team, which is comprised of firm medical malpractice trial partner Donna MacKenzie and medical malpractice trial attorney Rob Buchanan from the Buchanan Firm.  Together, Ms. MacKenzie and Mr. Buchanan have over 50 years of medical malpractice trial experience.

A free consultation is offered where you can ask questions and learn about your legal options and the compensation that may be available.  Client representation is on a contingency fee basis, so a fee for legal services is only paid if compensation is obtained through a settlement or verdict.

In addition, all litigation costs and expenses are advanced (such as court costs and expert fees), so you will not need to worry about paying such costs and expenses while your case is ongoing (these costs and expenses are normally repaid from a settlement or successful verdict).

Contact Our Team As Soon as Possible

As with all injury and medical malpractice lawsuits, there is only a limited time in which a case must be brought; otherwise, a victim will lose their right to seek compensation.  As a result, if you have been injured, we invite you to contact us at Malviya Lawsuit Lawyer at your earliest convenience.

About The Ascension False Claims Act Lawsuit

A False Claims Act case was filed by three whistleblowers in 2017, alleging that Ascension hospital in Michigan was the recipient of substantial profits from unnecessary medical procedures, treatments, and services.  A False Claims Act is a special type of litigation that is initiated on behalf of the United States federal government in which allegations are made of fraud against the government.

In this lawsuit, it was alleged that the US government was defrauded because it was required to pay or provide reimbursement for such procedures and treatments. As part of the False Claims Act lawsuit, Ascension Michigan agreed to pay $2.8 million for its role.