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We are Committed to Improving the Quality of Life and Care for the Elderly in Nursing Homes and Other Long Term Care Facilities

In addition to our support and participation in organizations such as Citizens for Better Care and the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care (formerly the National Citizens’ Coalition for Nursing Home Reform), a significant focus of our firm’s practice is representing the victims of nursing home abuse and neglect.

The care and treatment of our elderly is important to us.  Our trust in the caregivers for our loved ones is essential to our peace of mind.

Nursing Home Standards of Care

A nursing home is required to provide its residents with an accident-free environment and should provide a high standard of well-being for its residents.  The dignity of residents should be maintained at all times, and residents should be kept free of bed sores or pressure ulcers.

Unfortunately, nursing home facilities do not always provide the level of care and attention that should be expected.  In some instances, nursing homes are understaffed, so that they are not able to adequately provide for those in their care.  Staff also may not be adequately trained, or they may not provide appropriate care and attention.

When injuries result from inattention, negligence, and poor treatment, our firm is there to provide a voice for the injured.  Frequently nursing home inattention, negligence, and poor treatment result in the following:

Elopement – Elopement occurs when a resident leaves a nursing home facility unsupervised.  Elopement can be very dangerous, as often the resident may be suffering from dementia or other decreased cognitive ability.  The resident may inadvertently wander onto a busy street or into another dangerous situation without realizing it.  In cold or hot weather, the resident may suffer from the elements.  Any of these actions can result in serious injury or death.

Falls – A nursing care facility should understand the physical limitations of residents so that appropriate care can be provided.  With many residents, walking unattended poses a significant risk of a fall and injury.  For these residents, the nursing home should take precaution so that residents are provided with the assistance that may be needed so that falls can be prevented.

Abuse – Tragically, some nursing home residents are subjected to physical, sexual, and mental abuse.  This cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.  When such abuse occurs, it is important not only that the nursing facility be held accountable, but also that the abuser be reported to the authorities to determine if a crime has occurred.

Restraints – Residents are entitled to be free from restraints except when absolutely necessary.  In these circumstances, restraints should only be used to the minimal extent required, and then only for the minimum time required.

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