Detroit Bankruptcy Stalls Wrongful Arrest and Imprisonment Lawsuits

“Justice delayed is injustice” – Wolfgang Mueller

Dwayne Provience spent nearly 10 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Mr. Provience’s conviction was thrown out after the University of Michigan’s Innocence Clinic found evidence that was suppressed by a Detroit police officer during his case.  He was released from prison in 2009.  In 2010, Wolfgang Mueller filed suit against the City of Detroit on Mr. Provience’s behalf.   A panel of mediators recommended a $5 million settlement, which was rejected by the city.

Gerald Wilcox was wrongfully arrested in January 2013, for an armed robbery he did not commit.  Mr. Wilcox was handcuffed and arrested at gunpoint at his home, in front of his wife and son.  Mr. Wilcox spend 16 tense days in jail, even after police officers were told by a witness that he was not their man. Wolfgang Mueller filed a malicious prosecution lawsuit against the City of Detroit on Mr. Wilcox’s behalf.

Both men are now ensnared by the recent City of Detroit bankruptcy, and have no choice but to postpone their quest for justice.  Mr. Provience and Mr. Wilcox are among the “creditors” the City of Detroit has put on hold until the bankruptcy is settled.

“The City of Detroit’s typical tactic has been to delay,” Mueller told the Detroit Free Press.  “This (bankruptcy) obviously is a different animal.

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