Why My Practice is Focused on Birth Injuries

Hello. I am Emily Thomas and I am an attorney, Olsman MacKenzie Peacock & Wallace. I became an attorney because my mother was disabled when I was in high school and I’ve dedicated my career to helping people like her.

I know how confusing and challenging it can be to understand why a loved one has been harmed or injured. And I also know how hard it is to even figure out where to begin to find help. I have dedicated my career to providing that type of help to my clients. Specifically, I’ve worked in the areas of birth injury and medical malpractice, helping clients with special needs and disabilities get the care they deserve.

I work with my nursing team here at Olsman Law to understand the medicine, as well as the law in handling my client’s cases. We will pour through every record related to a patient to know every detail provided about their care. It is my goal to hold physicians and nurses that violate what’s called the standard of care and cause needless injury, preventable injury to patients accountable. Only through the courts can we seek justice.

I hope that you will trust us with your case and give us a call so that you can get answers to the questions that you have and get the help that you so deserve.