Detroit Free Press – MSU: Nassar deserved criminal penalties, but we can’t be held liable for his sexual assaults

“The filings by MSU show a complete disregard for the mental and emotional well-being of the Nassar survivors,” said Donna MacKenzie, a Berkley attorney representing second-wave Nassar survivors. “MSU should be ashamed by the way it continues to represent to…

Four Stories of Justice in Action

Justice Served: Celebrating People Who Make a Difference Uncovering the Dangers of Baby Powder Internal memos reveal that Johnson & Johnson knew of asbestos risk. Darlene Coker, a mother of two and manager of a massage school, was diagnosed in 1999…

Keep Kids Safe with the Right Sports and Recreation Helmets

We all know sports and recreational activities are important for healthy, happy kids. Summer might mean everything from biking to baseball to rock climbing. Winter, everything from skiing to snowboarding to hockey. Regardless of which it is, all of these…

More From the Firm’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Enjoy more photos from the Firm’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Olsman Law Celebrates 50 Years

Since the Firm’s beginning in 1969, we have had a long history of successfully helping those injured, and the families who have lost a loved one, recover full and fair compensation. Help us celebrate the Firm’s 50th Anniversary Celebration!

The Firm’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Help us celebrate 50 years of proudly serving families and individuals across Michigan who have been injured or who have lost a family member as the result of an injury or negligent act.

Olsman Law 50th Anniversary Celebration

This year the Firm celebrates 50 years of proudly representing clients across Michigan who have been injured, and the families of those who have been killed, as a result of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, other accidents, nursing home negligence, pedestrian accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, premises liability, dog bites, workplace injuries, and police brutality.

Olsman Law 50th Anniversary Party

Take a moment to see some of the images taken during the Olsman MacKenzie Peacock & Wallace 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Best Practices in Determining Whether a Claim Sounds in Ordinary Negligence or Medical Malpractice

Best Practices in Determining Whether a Claim Sounds in Ordinary Negligence or Medical Malpractice by Donna MacKenzie and Jules Olsman Medical errors are now the third-leading cause of death in the United States. Medical malpractice tort reform in Michigan, however,…

Who’s Riding Motorcycles and Who’s at Risk?

Ridership Is Changing; Cause of Accidents … Not So Much Motorcycling is undergoing a profound transformation in the United States. First off, it’s exploded. The number of motorcycles in use topped 12 million in 2018, 2 million more than in…